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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Shopping (again)

(From yesterday)

Well, I didn't go in Next because I knew that pretty dress would tempt me, but I had to return a dress from Primark and I wanted to see if they had that nice grey biker jacket in my size.

I went with my mum and we happened to have a look in Dorothy Perkins, another shop I never go in, for similar reasons as next. Trust me when I say that I wasn't looking for a bag. I have a beautiful handmade clutch that I have my eye on, but I wasn't looking for a handbag at all... however this one found me all by itself. My mum also really liked it and offered to buy it for me. I didn't refuse...

I also had a look at and tried on some shoes. Something I don't usually bother doing because it's a hassle, but the shop was empty and I was wearing easy on-off plimsoles. I tried a gorgeous dusky pink pair of peep toe courts that had pretty pink lacing on, but they were just that tad too high for me. Then I saw them... the shoes of my dreams. I tried them on, they were a little too big, but they didn't have a smaller size. I tried them both on, I felt so glamourous. I ummed and ahhed about them and decided to get them. They are just a dream.

On top of all that my mum paid for those too!! Thanks Mum!!!!!!! <3

They didn't have my size in the jacket, so I tried on a 12 and it fit ok, if I don't mind not being able to zip it up (which I don't incidentally) and I'm shrinking so I bagged it along with a second pair of black skinny jeans. For the shoes you see.

And amazing and cheap day of shopping, that made me smile no end. I also had some pretty, pretty post waiting for me when I got home, which only added to my smile.

(And yes, I'm wearing the shoes as I type!)


  1. those shoes are so fit!!! jealous!!! and love the bag too! that was so nice of your mum! love the blog xoxo

  2. those shoes are FABULOUS!!! like i'm dreaming of the outfits i can wear with them. beautiful heels are my weakness.

    & that purse is a pure bonus!!!

    lucky girl :)

    don't you love awesome moms? i miss mine so much and hate living so far away from home!

    thanks for entering my giveaway and i lurve the lyrics! xo

  3. I love, love, love my shoes. I said to my mum at the counter that for once I've picked shoes that will go with my clothes instead of having to buy clothes around my outrageous shoe purchases :)