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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Time flies...

It feels like an age since we went to Munich and I feel bad for not having posted the pictures earlier, but I've been busy with family and spending lots of money that I don't really have. But enough chat, here are some selected pictures.

Amazing food Stefan's Grandma made us.

The New Town Hall and Glockenspiel Clock

One of many pictures taken of Munich from the top of the Tower
of St Peter's Church. It was hellish to climb those stairs but worth it.

Enjoying a litre glass of beer while waiting for food at the HofbrÀuhaus.

Kaiserschmarrn, which I didn't eat because I don't like dried fruit.
But it looked pretty tasty apart from said offensive raisins.

It snowed. A lot. For three days straight. It was around -5 most days. Flippin cold.

Um, I was drunk and enjoying German snacks. Darn alcoholic Monopoly!

That being said, I won!!!

This installation was nuts and lots of fun. It's called Pink Flamingo
and I can't remember the artist for the life of me. Pinakothek der Moderne.

Me enjoying the effects of the Pink Flamingo.

That's a very brief summary of our trip. We also went to a couple of art exhibitions Haus der Kunst, a fantastic building, whose history was briefly inscribed on the doors in German, English and French. The most memorable phrase of the entire holiday was etched upon that plaque, it explained that the Haus der Kunst enveloped "a cauldron of racist propaganda". Despite its Nazi origins, the building is spectacular inside, so grand. The exhibitions were good too, Ed Ruscha in particular.

We spent Sunday in the Modern Art Museum which is where we saw the installation 'Pink Flamingo'. I think it's possibly my favourite installation to date. Being in that room saturates your eyes with such brilliant colour that of course, even looking out into another room causes everything to appear shocking pink. Walking out of the room made my head throb, I thought I would fall over, it was a real down the rabbit hole experience that I enjoyed so much I went back a few minutes later.

I quite miss that rose tinted world. I may just install a neon green flourescent in my bedroom :)

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