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Monday, 29 March 2010


Ever heard of papercraft? I hadn't until we went to the Modern Art Museum in Munich. The silly thing is that I'd seen the products of papercraft before, but had never heard of the name, or even thought to find out more.

There was a wonderful set of photographs by Thomas Demand at the Tate Modern some years ago. My bf took me to see them especially, because he liked them so much. Although he had explained them to me before I can't have been paying very good attention because it took me at least 4 minutes of studying these photographs before I realised they were paper reconstructions of original photographs which Demand had then photographed himself. His work is fantastic, you should look him up and go to see his work at any opportunity.

This was my first real introduction to the art of making things from paper (apart from an early crafting experience with quilling), but it wasn't until I saw this book in the Pinakothek der Moderne that I had a real interest and sudden thirst for recreating life in paper.

Step 1 - Purchase this very expensive but luscious book

Step 2 - Read said volume

Step 3 - Become a world master of Papercraft

These were my initial thoughts, but the world of Papercraft is so huge that I don't stand a chance. Plus making things out of paper isn't going to get me very far. Although I might try entering the Guinness world record for number of papercuts sustained in 1 hour.

I did, however, purchase the book. It set me back £29.95 and that huge dent in my bank account has left me smiling. The volume is superb and I can't wait to finish studying every single page so I can become a veritable master in the world of papercraft.

Papercraft: Design and Art with Paper. Here are some of my favourite pages, apologies for the bad photography.

Have you seen any art or books that have inspired you recently? Tell me all about it, I love learning new things :)

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