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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

London. Again.

On Sunday my friend Dan came to visit me from Brighton. He got a great deal on the train... a return to victoria and a travelcard for £8.25!!! Bargain!

I struggled with what to wear because the weather is so iffy lately, I settled with a dress and tights and my big winter coat and proceeded to be sweating anywhere vaguely warm, but it did the trick.

Although I brought my camera with me, I neglected to take any pictures, so you'll have to make do with narrative. We used the loos in the National Gallery and had a quick peek at the impressionists because Dan had never seen them before, then we saw the inside of a lot of pubs before deciding on which one to eat in, then we went to the London Aquarium, which is huge and that shark walk bit is seriously scary, but on the whole, it's not as good at the Brighton sealife centre, after out underground/underwater adventure, we went to Camden where we drank until after dark.

T'was a lovely day, thank you Dan xx

Now for the outfit. Exucse the pictures, I didn't really like any that had my face in, so they're a bit pants.

Cardi - New Look (old), Dress - Primark, Vest top (under dress) - Primark, Grey Striped Tights - Primark, Shoes - Converse, Ebony Ring - South Africa, Silver Necklace - DIY

Also, apologies for the dodgy setting of pictures. There isn't anywhere except by the front door that I can get a full length shot. And there are lots of things in the way. And the mirror is a bit grimy, so I'll try and sort out a better place to take pics next time :)

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