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Sunday, 20 May 2012


I feel that there are some big life milestones coming up for me in the next year or two and I am suddenly feeling the need to make myself a list of the things I feel I need to do before these milestones hit!

  •  Get a smartphone. 
I put this off for so long, but I want to be able to take pictures and upload them to the inter-face-webs for all my friends and family to see. Especially if I find something particularly beautiful or important.
  •   Find a way to supplement my income
 This means that if my job goes tits up when my contract ends next summer, I at least have some way of contributing to the household while we figure out what to do.
  • Mentally prepare myself for another move.
 It may be that we need to find a smaller, cheaper place. It may be that we end up moving to another city. We may even find ourselves moving to another country. Or we may just stay put for another couple of years, but I feel like I need to brace and prepare myself for a possible/probable move in the next 12 months.

  • Physically prepare myself for another move.
It would probably do me some good to go through all my belongings and throw or give away those that I am not using, that I don't need. I got rid of a lot of clothes a couple of months back, but I still feel I have a lot of unworn items holding me back. Time to switch to my summer wardorbe and root out those unneeded items.
  •  Help W get his driving license.
He really wants it, but the motivation to study and get to appointments on time is difficult when you work a 40hour week in a job that you don't really like that drains you and you just want to come home and relax. I am sure we all recognise this feeling? I want to help him to get this down and then we can get a car... I guess?!

Now that I've completed my list I feel I am ready to go to bed. I am feeling wonderfully positive about this week, despite knowing I am a colleague down tomorrow (maybe even two) and that I am recovering from some crappy throat infection.

This month has been a good one so far and it will be going out with a BANG :)

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