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Saturday, 11 September 2010

busy busy busy

This week has been busy.

I get up somewhere between 5 and 5.30am. I get on my bike at 6.25 and bike to the station, my train leaves at 6.46 and I listen to music, gaze out of the window and sleep a little. I get off the train between 7.45 and 7.55 depending on the terribly unreliable train service and walk to 15 minutes to work. I change clothes, go to the loo, talk to the other teachers about the plan for the day and get activites ready.

The days at work follow a similar pattern, regardless of our actual routine. It's messy, with some children crying a little and a couple crying more or less all day. Lunch time and nap time are blissfully quite and easy. I generally leave 1 or 2 hours after my official hours are over and do the commute all over again.

When I get home I change into my pjs and spend time talking and laughing with the bf. It is the most important time of my day. While Guido was here painting our apartment, I lacked this time of laughing and joking that is so integral to my life and our relationship and the negative effects were pretty clear to me. My mood, my actions, my general disposition reflected my need for this interaction. I'm glad to have my bf all to myself again, hehe, how selfish love is.

This weekend I have a huge list of things to do... aesthetic needs, cleaning the house, finding documents, reorganising all our belongings that were 'put away' for the painting of the apartment, calling UniEuro about our dancing washing machine, planning meals for the week, a supermarket trip, cooking, baking, writing letters and most of all, sleeping.

I can't wait for our place to be finished.

To accomplish this status we need to find bookshelves that we love, go to ikea to pick up some bits and pieces (planned for monday after work), spend some money on some beautiful art work, put up shelves and pictures and finally wait for our sofa to arrive.

I'm counting down the days...

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