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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Progress/sleeping badly

This is me hiding behind my second coffee of the morning and all I want to do is go back to sleep. I slept really badly last night, it was humid, too warm, I was scared of mosquitoes, so tried desperately to stay covered, which added to my warmth and I couldn't get comfortable all night.

Why did I sleep so badly? Because we spent the previous night at the new flat, or the new sound as we like to call it (Mighty Boosh anyone?).

Our first night in the new flat was great, we bought a bigger table for our kitchen because the small breakfast table we used in brighton was perfect for that long, narrow kitchen, but in the new flat, it just created a huge wasted space in the middle of the room. So we got a 4 person table and it fits perfectly, it uses the space well, it is bigger which is always a plus for what I think of as Italian dining, i.e. put everything on the table and help yourself, as opposed to English dining where everything is served onto plates in the kitchen and the plates are brought to the table, and yeah, it looks good.

Seeing as our electricity is still not connected, the bf bought a selection of cold goods from the supermercato, ham, crackers, insalata Russa, fritatta, focaccia and we had ourselves a little feast.

complete with screwdriver from making the table.

The light is poor because as the sun set, we kicked ourselves for not picking up some candles, but it added to the romantic nature of our first night there.

We finally slept in a real bed. Not just any bed, but a bed with a HUGE matress, bigger than our old one, which is firm and soft at the same time. I slept like a baby and enjoyed a nap after the bf had gone to work in the morning. Bliss. This is why I slept so badly in Cameri last night. The crappy mattress, the poor, unsupportive bedframe, yuk, it's done me no favours :(

Our order from UniEuro was delivered yesterday, so we now have a dishwasher, cooker, fridge and washing machine (courtesy of the bf's Dad, Mr.C), but still no gas or electricity :\ I jigged our kitchen around a little bit and I can't wait for the worktops to be fitted this weekend. It's finally starting to look like a home. Well, the kitchen is at least ;)

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