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Sunday, 15 August 2010

Moving Part II

Unpacking the van wasn't so bad. I got my usual job of standing at the lift/elevator doors and taking all the boxes and whatnot from there to their respective rooms. Now that the boxes are in, it doesn't seem like much. This flat is much bigger than our last. That and we have next to no furniture.

The bf's parents have given us their old kitchen. When I say old, I mean they stopped using it last year when they moved, so it's not 'old', just old. We've put the cabinets where we want them, and the bf's dad put up wall cabinets in the kitchen and a couple in the bathroom. He also sorted out a couple of light fittings for us yesterday too. Bless him :) It's pretty handy because he has more tools than your average handy man. Seriously.

Yesterday we also ordered our 'white' goods, which are mostly grey, except for the lavatrice/washing machine. We're not sure when they will be delivered, possibly wednesday or thursday, but they said they will call the day before delivery. I'm excited to get the kitchen looking more like a kitchen :) At the moment we have a half-sized kitchen. It has a sink and draining board, an electric hob with only 2 plates, 3 drawers and 2 cupboards for storage and almost no worksurface space. The biggest space is wide enough for a kettle and that's what is there. A kettle. It's going to be a joy to cook in a real kitchen and have a real freezer and a decent sized fridge that works properly. YAY!

The plan for tomorrow is to call all utility companies to get everything turned on and get it in our names. Well, probably the bf's name. Seeing as he's back to work tomorrow (BOOO!) his Mum is driving over to help me sort that out. We may also try and get a worksurface for the kitchen and she may even coerce me into deciding on a sofa.

Slowly but surely things and shaping up :)

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