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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Itchy finger

Yep, I've been spending! I looked at my accounts and decided to spalsh out on what I consider my last kawaii stationery haul, of this year (at least). I've got my eye on a few boxes of Cavallini stickers, so I won't say it's my last stationery haul of the year, but I may ask for the stickers for my bday or xmas, so maybe it will be??

I also bought some vintage playing cards on etsy this morning.

The bf and I both LOVE vintage pin-up girls and had some ideas for wall art, but sadly what we want either doesn't exist or it's just VERY hard to find. Four of the playing cards are vintage pin up themed and I plan to put them in a frame to probably go in our living room. They're pretty fantastic. Unfortuantely the seller only had those four, but said she;s always on the look out for more, so I've put in a request for her to let me know if she gets any because I'd love to snap them up and make a collection. The other 6 cards have funky mexican style designs on them, which I'm planing to use in the kitchen.

My idea of the perfect kitchen is sleek and modern meets mexican kitsch. It's hard to describe, but imagine bright colours, yellows, reds, blues, oranges, greens and pinks, beautiful pieces on display, candles and/or fairy lights, but with our stainless steel modern appliances. It sounds pretty hideous to someone who can't see into my mind and sadly we're unlikely to achieve it in this kitchen BUT when we actually own a place, I'm going to go wild and do it exactly as I want it!

Our plans for our current kitchen are pretty basic at the moment and only stretch as far as yellow on the walls and some shelves we've picked (but not purchased) for above the sink.

But we'll get there. Eventually :)

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