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Thursday, 8 July 2010


Why is it that when everything is a mess I have no motivation to do anything. It's rubbish!

Because my sister and her family were here before I arrived, my mum had to move all my crap out of the two spare rooms to make way for everyone. There were loads of boxes in the front room and the box room was covered in my crafting things from my jewellery and swap making. This means my bedroom is littered with stuff. The floor space is piled high with boxes and ikea bags and my desk is a foot high with paper, letters, magazines, pens and pencils and any other random bits and bobs you can think of.

This abyss is making me reluctant to do anything, I just want to sit here on my pretty new netbook and play games all day. Having unlimited internet is fun, but deadly.

I have a huge list of things to do, not including taking my nephew and niece out and about. It goes something like this...

Tidy room
reply to letters
send swaps
go to storage and try and sort some boxes out to bring home (where the F I'm going to put them though is beyond me!)
wash dirty clothes
sort out things to bring back
call 7 different places to cancel/suspend/set up/enquire about various services

And I'm sure there are plenty of things I've forgotten about.

Oh yeah, dye my hair.


But I did get my pretty new netbook, so expect lots of low quality snapshots form it's webcam and more up to date posting of pics and such ;)

I hope you're having a more productive week than me, I can't believe it's Thursday already!!


  1. "a house can stay clean, but a home can't."

    isn't it true though?

    my dining room table (where i blog and write letters at-- ha ironically, and not eat lol) is ALWAYS a mess. I argue with Max that it's an "organized mess" but no... not even that ;)

    since we were forced to come home early and clean, it is amazing how much better a clean(er) house can make you feel though, eh?

    ps. I am sending you a little thank you monday!!! :)

  2. It is very true! But yes, a clean and tidy environment makes me feel peaceful inside, ready to take on the world, but at my own leisurely pace. I can't wait to have a bigger/better place.

    You're too sweet! x