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Friday, 16 July 2010

Hot and Humid

I'm terribly hot. It's terribly humid and so I'm terribly sticky.

I cannot wait to move. Apparently we should get the keys to our new apartment on the 29th of July. I'm counting down the days :D

I'm really looking forward to homemaking, the new place is unfurnished, we'll be picking up our stuff from the UK early in August, but there are other things we need to get hold of too. Like a kitchen. I'm hoping to buy a bed for the 2nd bedroom now so we can start moving our stuff from here and living there asap. It's too hot to sleep here.

Oh and it's flying ant season now. I've already been bitten by one this morning. On my foot, so it's flip flops for me until it goes away. Good job I brought some back with me eh?

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  1. i sent you off a little package this past week-- the address i put was the one you wrote for me. you'll get it right? xo