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Monday, 3 May 2010

Secretly very excited.

I know this is really long, but please read it and share in my joy as I shout from the rooftops of happiness!

, so not so secretly excited. VERY PUBLICLY EXCITED!

I'm jumping the gun a little here but I can't help it. The future was looking a little bleak, exciting but by no means rosy. For those of you who don't know, I'm moving to Italy in the summer of this year. My boyfriend landed a nice little job and moved there last week. I'm supposed to be doing all the things I need to do to be ready to go out there, i.e. getting my driving licence, any qualifications to help me get work, sorting out our flats worth of stuff that's in storage etc. etc.

The future was looking bleak. I say this because although I love Italy and I've always wanted to live there, I had a romantic idea in my head of this all being a little more planned a little less spontaneous. I had an idea that we'd go in a few years (read 5) and we'd be settled with a little money, some kind of career path we'd each be following and some valuable job experience. But, life never quite works like that. I've been struggling with the age old question of 'What do I want to be when I grow up?' but decided to do a teaching English as a foreign language course, which was my intent for our original plan to move to Japan in a couple of years anyway. So I was going to do it in June and hope for the best in regards to jobs.

I've looked at the job market, and although it's always easier to find a job when you're in the country you want to work in, it wasn't looking good. The fabled E word that has crippled many a competent job seeker stood in my way at every corner. Yes readers, Experience. Most schools are looking for at least 1 years tefl experience, many were looking for more. Sigh. So I got disheartened and decided I'd probably end up working the reception at the Ramada for as long as it took to find my dream.

Then, as if an angel guided me through the clouds of despair (well, a google search really) I found the job of my dreams. I've been banging on about wanting to do this kind of work pretty much since I graduated in 2007, or perhaps even earlier. The problem being I'd have to study for 3 years plus to gain a qualification that is worth less than my degree in academic terms and it's just not very well paid in the UK. Like several potential career paths, I crossed it from my list because of the length of training and I'm a pretty pessimistic person, so I talk myself out of it easily. But this, my dream come true, my lifeline, my perfect job stood there looking me in the face. No experience necessary, full training given, requires an appropriate qualification, one of which being a PSYCHOLOGY DEGREE!!!! Seriously ladies and gents, this job was made for me!

I don't want to say too much more, because if I don't get it, I'll be gutted, but they are actually looking for a team of staff, so I have a better chance than if they were looking for just one more staff member. I am so unbelievably excited, it's untrue. I know I shouldn't pin all my hopes on this, because they might not want me, or need me by the time I get to Italy, but I am qualified for this job, I'd be fantastic at it, it's not badly paid, it's in Milan, so commutable and I've been keeping an eye out for something like this for years. I'm going to send them a preliminary email teling them about my situation and that I really, really want this job, and that I'd be perfect for it, of course and suggesting that maybe I can go out there to meet them before the end of June and have a little meeting or interview or something. I have no commitments here at the moment, so I could jump on a flight tomorrow, assuming there is a seat. Hell, I'd even sneak into the baggage compartment if it meant getting this job. Seriously.

Thank you google angels for bringing this up on the first page of search results and thank you cold virus for making me ill so I stayed at home instead of going out this weekend and thank you my beloved for badgering me about looking for schools and work and thank you internet for existing and THANK YOU amazing potential place of work for looking for me (because I know when you wrote that ad, you were secretly looking for me, maybe you have an oracle or read Tarot, whatever it was, thank you too).

I'm happy :D

ps, wish me luck!


  1. bless you google angels!!!!! i am wishing you all the luck sweet friend!

    and oh goodness, SO JEALOUS you'll be living in my heaven on earth! okay so more happy for you ;) what an exciting new adventure for you both!!! if you're ever near Pisa, you should SERI8OUSLY see my older sister... she is a gem and always visit with my friends there. In fact when i was younger, she went to an alanis concert with one of my pen pals-- i had never met her and she got to go to a concert with her! HA!

    please keep us posted-- either way Mia, if this one doesnt work out (which im PRAYING it does) it just means something better will find you. ;) don't you HATE that dreaded E word? it's like, how am i ever going to get experience- i thought the whole point was to work for you and gain that experience? lol that crippled me when i moved to VA in january so i know the feeling love!

    I AM SOOOO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!! and just so you know, you are already both fabulous AND trendy ;)


  2. Well this is great news! It might be jumping the gun...but you can't help but get excited over this sort of thing. I really do hope it works out for you. I hope I can work at my "dream job" someday too.


  3. Thank you Micaela! I'm so worried I'll need it. The luck I mean... *deep breath*

    I'll definitely keep your sister in mind if I ever head that way :) She sounds lovely <3

    I'm really hoping this works out, because all the other job options are doable and something I'd like to do, but this is something I'd love to do, so it's hard not to get my hopes up. And yes... the E word has been the bane of my life since I graduated from uni :(

    Thank you, thank you, thank you love xx

    Thank you Caiti, I really hope it works out too, eep! I'm desperately trying not to get my hopes up too much, because for a pessimistic person, I get quite excited and hopeful about things (go figure!). I'm positive you'll find your dream job too, it's just hiding around some unexplored corner just waiting for you :) xx